SHEV control panel

DAC 4503-T

Our turnkey package for small systems: The DAC 4503-T combines a SHEV control panel, ventilation button and trigger button in a single housing. The most compact control panel from D+H has an output of 3 A and is ideal for stairwells and single rooms.
DAC 4503-T DAC 4503-T/B DAC 4503-T/G DAC 4503-T/R DAC 4503-T/Y
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DAC 4503-T
DAC 4503-T/B
DAC 4503-T/G
DAC 4503-T/R
DAC 4503-T/Y

Performance features

  • Compact SHEV control panel, specifically for stairwells
  • Up to 3 A total drive current
  • Stabilised output voltage
  • Integrated smoke extraction and ventilation button
  • Switchable SHEV safety functions: Fault equal to alarm, SHEV retriggering function and smoke detector remote reset
  • Integrated comfort functions for daily ventilation
  • 2 freely programmable and isolated signalling contacts
  • Optional connection to rain detectors or wind / rain sensors without an additional module
  • Connection of up to 8 SHEV operation panels and 14 fire detectors per line (Only detectors permitted by D+H may be used)
  • Easy installation by separating installation plate and upper housing

Technical Data

Supply 230 V AC / 50 Hz / 100 VA
Stand-by power < 5 W
Output 24 V DC / 3 A
Ripple < 0.5 Vss
Mode of operation monitoring Continuous duty
Mode of operation Alarm / Ventilation Short-time duty 30 % duty cycle
Type of protection IP 30
Temperature range -5 °C ... +40 °C
Line / Group 1 / 1
Housing Aluminium
W x H x D 156 x 235 x 82 mm
Battery type Typ 8 (1x)
Weight 1.90 kg


TypeArt. NoColour
DAC 4503-T30.114.10Orange (~ RAL 2011)
DAC 4503-T/B30.114.12Blue (~ RAL 5009)
DAC 4503-T/G30.114.14Grey (~ RAL 7035)
DAC 4503-T/R30.114.16Red (~ RAL 3000)
DAC 4503-T/Y30.114.18Yellow (~ RAL 1004)

Approvals / Certificates

Find out about permission details from your D+H Partner


DAC 4503-T - Smoke vent control panel 3A (1.42KB)
DAC 4503-T/R - Smoke vent control panel 3A (1.42KB)

DAC 4503-T-/B/G/R/Y - Smoke vent control panel (436.74KB)


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