SHEV control panel modular


Control system for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation and automated natural ventilation that can be modularly expanded to meet individual requirements. Perfect for controlling mechanical smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (MSE).
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Performance features

  • Variable modular technology for complex control requirements 
  • Flexible system design thanks to the supporting rail assembly for all modules and additions 
  • Supply connection and communication using integrated plug connectors 
  • Assemblies can be retrofitted in case of building modifications 
  • Configurable MSE and ventilation functions via D+H SCS software
  • Inputs and outputs monitored for line breakage and short circuit  
  • VdS-approved AdComNet bus system for seamless networking of the modules within the CPS-M and other D+H AdComNet components 
  • Can be connected to other bus interfaces (Modbus, KNX and BACnet)
  • Flexible use of configurable, digital inputs and outputs 
  • 24 V DC:
    - 2x max. 10 A drive current per actuator module
    - Stabilised output voltage thanks to power pack technology
    - No signal loss in case of mains outage thanks to integrated emergency power supply (72 h)
  • 230 V AC:
    - VdS-approved emergency power supply (72 h)
    - Option to connect up to 45 drives (230 V AC) per drive group (1840 VA)
  • 400 V AC:
    - Selection of fan actuation by inverter, soft starter or directly
    - Supply via main switch and with automatic switching to mains supply if necessary

Technical Data

Supply 400 V AC / 50 Hz
Output 24 V DC / 230 V AC / 400 V AC
Ripple < 50 mVss at 24 V DC
Mode of operation monitoring Pulse operation
Type of protection IP 54
Temperature range -5 °C … +40 °C
Housing Steel sheet


TypeArt. NoRemark
CPS-M1-MSE31.700.02Variable equipment possible

Approvals / Certificates


CPS-M1-MSE - Powered smoke exhaust system (7.41MB)

CPS-M1-MSE - Powered smoke eshaust system (6.76MB)

CPS-M1-MSE [31.700.02]