SHEV control panel modular


Digital, pre-assembled SHEV control panel: The CPS-M1-080 is revolutionising safety and security technology. It boasts a load current of 80 A, has ten combined RT and RM lines as well as ten motor connections that can be controlled separately.
CPS-M1-080-0410 CPS-M1-080-0410-WD
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Performance features

  • Power supply of connected drives with up to 80 A total current consumption
  • Tested and certified according to ISO 21927‑9, VdS 2581, VdS 2593 and DIN EN 12101‑10
  • AdComNet bus system for seamless networking of the modules within the CPS-M and further D+H AdComNet components
  • Bidirectional communication with ACB compatible drives
  • Supply connection and communication using integrated plug connectors
  • Customisable, programmable control panel functions
  • Sleek menu guidance using a 3.5" Full Colour Touch Panel, through which the system states of the individual modules can be visually observed (optional)
  • Freely selectable line/group assignment
  • TMA trigger module: 2 independent lines to connect up to 10 SHEV operation panels each and 30 fire detectors
  • AM actuator module: 2 independent groups for connecting drives, each with a total maximum current of 10 A

Technical Data

Supply 230 V AC / 50 Hz / 2080 VA
Stand-by power 17 W
Output 24 V DC / 80 A
Ripple < 50 mVss
Mode of operation monitoring Pulse operation
Mode of operation Alarm / Ventilation Short-time duty 30 % duty cycle
Type of protection IP 54
Temperature range -5 °C … +40 °C
Housing Steel sheet
Colour Light grey (~ RAL 7035)
W x H x D 800 x 1000 x 300 mm
Battery type Typ 6 (4x)


TypeArt. NoNumber of TMANumber of AMLine / GroupWeightRemark
CPS-M1-080-041031.701.00254 / 1058.50 kgWith touch panel
CPS-M1-080-0410-WD31.701.01254 / 1058.50 kgWithout touch panel

Approvals / Certificates

Find out about permission details from your D+H Partner.


CPS-M1 - SHEV control panel modular (7.78MB)

CPS-M1-080 - Smoke vent control panel (1.94MB)

CPS-M1-080-0410 [31.701.00]
CPS-M1-080-0410-WD [31.701.01]