Basic / expansion set


The basic / expansion set includes a supply and control unit as well as their required assemblies for setting up a CPS-M control panel. In addition, this set is equipped with a large colour touchscreen.
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Performance features

  • Consisting of the CPS-M modules:
    - Controller module
    - Supply module
    - Basic module socket
    - 3.5” Touch Panel
    - Bus termination module
    - Temperature control sensor unit
    - 1 m and 2 m connecting cable
  • AdComNet bus system for seamless module networking within the CPS‑M and further D+H AdComNet components
  • Makes it possible to provide the CPS‑M with an initial source of load current up to 40 A and to charge a 26 Ah set of batteries
  • Can be expanded with connectors integrated into the module bases
  • Installation on 35 mm top hat rail

Technical Data


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Approvals / Certificates


CPS-M1 - SHEV control panel modular (7.78MB)

CPS-M Modulsets - CPS-M Modulsets (2.04MB)
CPS-M Modulsets - CPS-M Module sets (2.13MB)

CM-PSM-MS-TP-BTM-TCSU-CC [31.704.00]