Drive delay module

AT 41

The AT 41 is an additional module for RZN and GVL control panels for time-delayed activation of the drive in conjunction with blinds or other units that provide shade.
AT 41
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AT 41

Performance features

  • Delays the start‑up of the window drives to prevent faults when opening the sash or to prevent restrictions of the SHEV cross section due to on‑site motor‑operated exterior shading
  • For installation on LT / MOT central slot
  • Retracts the sun shading in case of an alarm and subsequently opens the SHEV sash in a time‑delayed manner
  • Only use in conjunction with D+H drives with BRV message

Technical Data


TypeArt. No
AT 4130.551.70

Approvals / Certificates


AT 41 - Drive delay module for louvers (24.14KB)

AT 41 - Drive time lag module (104.65KB)

Module - Extension modules (2.99MB)

AT 41 [30.551.70]