Input/output module expansion set


Compared to the IOM-MS, the ADM-MS Input/Output module set offers the option of using 4 of the 12 digital inputs and outputs as analogue inputs. These are freely configurable and suitable for logic operations of various operation elements, such as sensors and signal emitters, via AdComNet. A module socket for connection to the CPS-M is included in the set.
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Performance features

  • Consisting of the CPS-M modules:
    - A/D module analogue & digital
    - Expansion module socket
  • Evaluation of signals via 12 digital inputs, 4 inputs can be used for analogue input signals
  • Displaying system states via 12 digital outputs (non-isolated)
  • Can be expanded with connectors integrated into the module bases
  • Installation on 35 mm top hat rail

Technical Data


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ADM-A1-1212-4 - Analog-Digital-Module for CPS-M (596.09KB)

CPS-M Modulsets - CPS-M Module sets (2.13MB)
CPS-M Modulsets - CPS-M Modulsets (2.04MB)

ADM-MS [31.704.90]