ACB gateway on BSY+ 230 V AC


Expanding BSY+ drives by ACB technology: Now, 230 V BSY+ drives can also be easily integrated into an ACB network using the ACB BSY+ Gateway ACB-BSY+-GW1-230.
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Performance features

  • Interface module between building management system or D+H control panel (CPS-M1) and a 230 V AC BSY+ drive group
  • Expands the drive functions, for example, to include functions of precise position control and virtual group formation
  • Enables the use of real drive positions, for example, for OPEN and CLOSED signals
  • Fault message of the individual BSY+ group
  • No special drive notification or configuration required
  • Galvanic isolation between the input signal and output signal
  • For installing on‑site junction box

Technical Data


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ACB-BSY+-GW1-230 - ACB to BSY+ gateway; 230 V AC version (2.47MB)

Module - Extension modules (2.81MB)

ACB-BSY+-GW1-230 [30.555.20]