Winner of the 2015 Deutscher Bildungspreis

Award winning talent management at D+H

Ammersbek, Germany 2015-04-23 - On April 22nd, the 2015 Deutscher Bildungspreis education award sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research was awarded in five categories at the Humboldt Carré conference centre in Berlin. D+H Mechatronic AG from Ammersbek near Hamburg was one of the five recipients, receiving the award thanks to its exemplary talent management program.

Interest in this year's Deutscher Bildungspreis was very high: A total of 171 companies applied for a total of 5 categories with the ultimate goal of being awarded for outstanding education and tal-ent management. The Deutscher Bildungspreis is a joint initiative of the EuPD Research Institute for Sustainable Management, the TÜV SÜD academy and media partners Haufe and eLearning Journal and is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. D+H Mechatronic AG came out on top against 30 competing appli-cants in the "Industry/Production: Small/medium-sized business" category. As the drive behind the industry for natural, motorised smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV), D+H has striven for quality both inside and outside the company for more than 45 years. Thanks to structured, long-term personnel development efforts, the market-leading company was awarded the 2015 Deutscher Bildungspreis for its D+H Talent Management program.  

"We began implementation of D+H Talent Management in 2012 with the goal of providing a strategic framework for the development of specialised and managerial staff of tomorrow from an early stage and being able to tailor that development to our staff requirements based on our goals and future needs," explains Anja Ludwig, Head of Human Resources at D+H. In addition to determining future strategic staff requirements, the talent management process also included planning and implementation of defined staff development efforts. "Through indepth support and partici-pation by all specialised areas, we used multistage workshops to develop more than 70 new position profiles with essential duties and associated required knowledge and skills," says Sebastian Sukstorf, the person responsible for human resources development at D+H. The overall architecture behind our job positions was standardised by systematically defining managerial and administrative levels using a job grading model, Sukstorf explains in more detail.

The award ceremony in Humboldt Carré in Berlin yesterday pro-vided the culmination of a successfully completed audit for D+H. Amid a ceremonial atmosphere, presenter Birgit Thedens, Chairperson of the German Association for Coaching and Training (dvct), handed the trophy over to Dirk Dingfelder, Chairman of the Board, Anja Ludwig, Head of Human Resources, and Sebastian Sukstorf, Personnel Development at D+H. "We are very excited to receive this award. We believe this provides independent confirmation that, by strategically implementing talent management, we as a mediumsized business are providing our most important resource - our employees - with structured and longterm career development," said Dingfelder full of pride. D+H considers the successful continuation of its talent management program an on-going process requiring continuous review and further development.

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