The quietest revolution in the field of drives

Chain drive CDC-0252

Technical innovations that are there to serve the plans of the architects, fabricators and users: This D+H philosophy is also behind the new CDC-0252, which can be integrated almost invisibly into virtually any façade concept thanks to the innovative decoupling in the drive technology. This decoupling works in a remarkably quiet manner and overcomes even the most difficult sashes quickly and safely.

The CDC Series has always owed its success among planners and window manufacturers to its enormously wide range of applications: The sleek and powerful chain drive for installation integrated into the profile or mounted installation can be used with wooden, aluminium and plastic profiles. There are no unsightly external fasteners. Once this multi-talented solution is installed in the window, you will notice its function as it quickly and unobtrusively ensures natural ventilation and smoke extraction. And the heat transfer coefficient? Testing by ift Rosenheim showed that it only saw a minimal increase with integrated installation.

Due to the fact that noise emissions were lowered by 6.8dB, and thus a factor of 5, the new CDC-0252 is also setting benchmarks in terms of comfort for the building users thanks to the innovative decoupling in the drive technology. This was made possible due to a simple yet effective solution: Where metal meets metal, things get loud. Thanks to the innovative decoupling of the drive technology and additional design measures, D+H managed to achieve a quiet revolution with the development of the CDC-0252. Specifically: The new CDC has an emission sound pressure level of 35 dB. In addition, experiments were carried out on various motor flanges and the brackets were also decoupled.

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