The new form of dialogue

How the ACB bus technology revolutionises the communication between drives and control panels

The newly-developed Advanced Communication Bus (ACB) from D+H has revolutionised communication between window control systems and drives. Especially during major projects, building operators are often faced with the question, "Are all of my connections working? And if not, where is the problem?" ACB allows the drives to communicate with the control systems and gives them feedback about their opening widths and conditions. But this is just one major advantage of the innovative bus technology. It also significantly reduces wiring effort, reducing installation effort and costs, and makes it possible to specify control of the drives down to the millimetre. We discussed the new solution with Christian Kluge, Director of Research & Development at D+H Mechatronic AG, and Steffen Lanfersiek, Head of Product Management at D+H Mechatronic AG.

The complete Interview can be found in the section Bus Communication or in the ZIP-Download.

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