Proven drives and innovative solutions

Well-conceived drive solutions make even the most difficult window construction projects a success

D+H, the specialist in smoke extraction and natural ventilation, is presenting innovative installation solutions and proven drive technology for window fitters. The new 4D bracket with four axes for opening a trapezoidal window and a side-hung vent bracket with folding function can be used in even the most demanding applications. Another innovation is the smart BDT Advanced fitting drive for user-independent ventilation with bottom-hung windows. With additional variants of tried-and-tested drives, window fitters can now explore new avenues for opening windows on façades or roofs automatically.

Whenever high-profile architectural projects are being implemented, it is not uncommon for stringent demands to be placed on the window fitter. Particularly when smoke and heat exhaust ventilation is involved, the aesthetic demands of the architects clash with the requirements from standards and the limitations of what is technically feasible. Product solutions and service offers from D+H put window fitters in a position where they can master these challenges.

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