Healthy ventilation

Natural ventilation reduces the risk of infection by aerosols – Fresh air increases the ability to concentrate and improves the work atmosphere.

If several people are spending longer periods of time in an enclosed space, used air must be regularly expelled and sufficient air exchange must be ensured. Ventilation systems from D+H provide fresh, healthy air at all times of year. These systems use time-controlled, automated ventilation to reliably remove hazardous aerosols. When natural ventilation is used, differing exterior and interior temperatures as well as wind pressure ensure the necessary air movement and the desired air exchange. A D+H solution for controlled natural ventilation (CNV) makes this possible at significantly lower investment and operating costs than when a ventilation or air-conditioning system is used.

In autumn and winter we tend to increase the amount of time we spend indoors. In the coming months, restaurants, sports facilities and other enclosed spaces like schools and offices are bound to see an increase in the number of people present inside them at the same time. Fortunately, even in exceptional situations – such as the current coronavirus pandemic – a safe and healthy climate can even be created indoors by means of ample natural ventilation.

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