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New digital CPS-M SHEV control panel

What makes a good helper? The ability to communicate and work with information. And clever helpers can work unnoticed in the background, always to the benefit of the people around them. In this respect, you could call the new CPS-M digital smoke vent control panel from D+H Mechatronic AG the best help money can buy. Building technicians and technology users will agree with this description wholeheartedly when they experience its outstanding features. 

But this help didn't come out of the blue. It is the result of about 17,000 hours of development, the largest innovation project to date for the Ammersbek-based company. And every hour has proved its worth. Thanks to continuous automated monitoring of components beyond just those necessary for smoke extraction, the CPS-M guarantees maximum safety even in an emergency. 

This is made possible for the first time ever using the principle of bidirectional communication. That is, using precisely what makes a good helper into a treasured asset at the forefront of success. In the case of the CPS-M, this is realised through the Advanced Communication Bus (ACB). It always knows precise details including the position the windows are in, whether they are locked and whether all connections are functioning perfectly. In short: The control panel not only transmits commands, but continually receives information and forwards it to users.

Of course this product, which is likely the smartest smoke vent control panel, can also be integrated into the overall building automation infrastructure, which then allows it to interact with components such as heating systems, ventilation systems and burglary or fire alarm systems.

You do not need to be Einstein or even a graduate engineer to implement and work with the intelligent CPS-M. D+H makes it easy to work with smart technology. The digital smoke vent control panel is equipped with a very clear 3.5-inch colour touch display. This means that even an authorised building manager can operate the panel.

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