D+H at fensterbau frontale 2018

ACB – windows already speak today!

For almost any profile and window, there are the right drives and brackets! D+H focuses of the flexibility of its window drives at its presence at the fensterbau frontale. How are drives for special openings such as trapezoidal windows mounted and installed? Which variants do exist for profiles made of wood, aluminium, steel or plastic? What is the essence of the new development called Advanced Communication Bus (ACB), and how do the drives function in connection with the new functions of the digital CPS-M SHEV control panel? Whoever is wondering about just one of these questions will get well-founded answers from D+H Mechatronic, the leading provider of system solutions for SHEV and natural ventilation at Hall 7, Booth 426, from March 21 to 24.

With the new CDC generation by D+H, the window manufacturer offers one of the presumably quietest and visually most advanced drive solutions in the world. The sleek CDC-ACB drive for installation integrated into the profile or mounted installation can be used with wooden, aluminium, steel and plastic profiles. It ensures smoke extraction and natural ventilation quickly and unobtrusively. For heavy flaps and skylights, the ZA-ACB is the optimal solution. Equipped with a rugged rack and pinion, it has high pressure stability, and develops a force up to 1,500 N. Thanks to the Advanced Communication Bus (ACB) new bus technology, with which the two drive series are equipped, they are not only strong but also intelligent!

With ACB, D+H Mechatronic AG has achieved a quantum leap with regard to the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of SHEV solutions. Thanks to the integration of ACB drive with the CPS-M digital SHEV control panel, communication between the control panel and the drives is no longer a one-way street. The drives consistently inform the CPS-M in which positions the windows currently are and whether all connections function flawlessly. Due to the only recently introduced CPS-M updates, the CPS-M can now control the drives with millimetre-range accuracy and divide them into virtual groups.

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