CPS-M now also with 230 V control and emergency power supply

The new era of SHEV systems

It has been hotly anticipated, and now it has arrived. The fully modular CPS-M digital smoke vent control panel from D+H has a new module, the AM 230. The AM 230 now enables a smart control panel to supply and control motorised 230 volt drives in addition to 24 volt window drives. What are the advantages? Smaller cable cross-sections, longer cable lengths and reduced costs.

The AM 230 is, like all other CPS-M modules, contained in the standardised CPS-M module housing and is easily added to the supporting rail of the CPS-M via a module socket. The principle here is plug-and-play. Depending on the requirements of the building project and the customer's wishes, this makes it possible to adjust the size of the control panel and the control cabinet  ̶  and even subsequent expansion is straightforward. The CPS-M can supply and control 230 V AC window drives up to a maximum drive current of 8 A using the new module. Cable monitoring is performed using the associated terminal module. The module checks for short circuits, overloads and individual cable breaks. The higher supply voltage makes it possible to achieve a substantially greater cable length than with a 24 V DC supply while using the same cross section. This reduces complexity and, most notably, costs. The CPS-M 230 V module has integrated signal lights on the front side as well as configurable digital inputs and outputs for connecting a ventilation button or similar. It also features an interface for directly connecting the NSV 401 emergency power supply unit.

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