Architecture with loaf and soul

D+H supplies special SHEV solution for the “PANEUM – Wunderkammer des Brotes”

Wolf D. Prix, managing director of COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, describes the building – located in the Austrian municipality of Asten – as being “identifiable architecture”. And that hits the nail on the head. The 20-metre tall silver customer-information and event venue is an architectural treat. An exhibition gallery, known as the “Wonder Chamber of Bread”, is situated on the upper floor.

Special constructions demand Special Solutions from D+H

A circular atrium which includes an opaque suspended ceiling and a roof structure is at the centre of the Wonder Chamber. The space between these two sections was not sufficient for the planned drives from D+H. Powerful rack and pinion drives were necessary, because a certain amount of snow load had to be taken into consideration for the roof windows. A special solution was necessary. Michael Mendler, Willenig Sales Manager: “Together with a metalworking company, we developed a traverse solution that was positioned in the suspended ceiling.” Ten ZA 155/500-series rack and pinion drives were affixed directly to this traverse, thereby solving the problem experienced in the closed state, where the bottom was hitting against the suspended ceiling. Using this method, eight chain drives from the KA 34/1000 BSY+ series could also be mounted in the suspended ceiling in such a way that they are not visible from below. The aesthetic demands of COOP HIMMELB(L)AU were thus satisfied. In the event of fire – and also for daily natural ventilation – the flaps open inwards with the aid of the chain drives in the suspended ceiling, and the roof windows open outwards with the aid of the rack and pinion drives.

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