A milestone in urban architecture

Gerber shopping centre, Stuttgart

Stuttgart's decision in 2010 to set a new trend for working and living in the city by completely renovating the Gerber district was like performing open heart surgery on a large city. In Spring 2011, not only did 160,000 cubic metres of renovated space have to be cleared, but two façades of listed buildings also had to be preserved and integrated into the construction plan. The overall complex consisting of the shopping centre, offices and town houses had been transformed into a lively, urban centre in the south of Stuttgart by the end of 2014. This complex was also adapted visually to fit the traditional townscape. D+H subsidiary D+H Rauchabzug-Lüftung GmbH Falkenstein was involved in this complex and ambitious project right from the start. The company not only developed the SHEV systems but also the drive solutions for the historicised façades.

Construction in existing buildings and in the middle of a bustling large city is always a challenging architectural, logistical and socio-psychological task. Of course, the plans of the investor, Phoenix Real Estate Development, and architect, Bernd Albers, were not always cause for excitement, particularly when an entire church had to be demolished as part of the re-development of the Gerber district, not to mention the unavoidable disruptions for residents caused by demolition and construction work. Oliver Staps, who was in charge of the project at D+H Falkenstein, still remembers exactly how challenging tasks as simple as the delivery of the systems, drives and assembled skylights to the Stuttgart city centre proved to be. "Even this phase demanded planning with military-precision to provide the façade construction workers with all materials just in time".

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