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Calculate window operators with mycalc software

Window drives that meet your requirements: Get your property-specific electric window openers using the D+H myCalc Software.

The myCalc calculation software from D+H allows you to calculate the right window drives for your requirements – including installation solutions. A clearly arranged input screen guides you through the program, and also shows you which geometric smoke-vent areas the calculated solutions fulfil. This enables the optimal preparation of your building application or tenders, giving you planning security.

Just one e-mail request for your personal myCalc login

You can access myCalc via the D+H website – and you only have to send a quick e-mail request with the subject line "Please send me login info for myCalc" to to receive your personal login name and password. You will receive your login within 24 hours (on workdays) and can get started immediately. The most important steps of the program are explained in the video or you read our tips quick guide below.

Assign specific building areas to your project

Once you have received your login information and entered it into the program, you have the option to create a new project on the start screen of the software. Enter the name of your building project here. You also have the option of releasing your project to the support team, so they can assist you as needed.

In the next step, you will see an overview of your project. Here, you can add individual building areas, such as "Façade West," or individual roof areas. In order to create the window calculations in your desired area, click on the plus sign and select CALCULATOR PLUS. 

Under the "Designation" menu item, enter a name for your window so that you keep an overview of your individual calculations. On the "System vendor" tab, you can select the corresponding profile system that is used in your building. D+H features a wide selection of profile manufacturers, allowing you to work flexibly in myCalc. Depending on requirements and installation position in the building, you can also choose between chain drive or rack and pinion drive here. 

Detailed information on your window is essential for selecting a drive

In the next step, you have the option to enter other specific data for your window. What opening type does your window have? What is its opening direction? What range of application does it have? What weight and dimensions? What external influences of snow/wind load are there on site? You can also select the installation position, profile data and finally the drive type here. An intelligent algorithm then automatically checks whether all the information is present and whether there is a solution for your requirements. The green mark confirms that your calculation is on its way!

Geometric smoke-vent areas and force calculations: Download the actual specifications

The "Next" button takes you to the results overview. Here, you can choose between multiple solution suggestions. You will receive specific suggestions for window drives and installation solutions. Once you have decided on a solution, you can download your individual specification. This also contains all of the data you have input and the calculations in a clearly arranged list. An installation drawing and pressure load diagram are also available.

But how do you know that your window drive solution is in line with the geometrically required smoke extraction areas in the fire protection strategy? Just one more click takes you to the calculation of this smoke-vent area. And in the lower right screen area, you will see the number of square metres that your calculated solution fulfils. For this task, you can also directly download a specification containing all important information. This data makes you optimally prepared for your tenders or building application. 

Click here to go to myCalc.